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Common applications of Crystal in construction and design


Crystal is a mineral material that we often use in construction and design for their beauty and unique properties. Here are some common applications:

Common applications of Alabaster in construction and design


Alabaster is a popular material for decorative applications in construction and design. Some common applications of alabaster include:

Common applications of Travertine in construction and design


Travertine is a type of natural stone that is known for its unique texture and earthy appearance. Some common applications of travertine include:

Common applications of Granite in construction and design


Granite is a popular natural stone that is known for its durability, strength and versatility. Some common applications of granite in construction and design:

Common application of Onyx Marble in construction-design


Onyx marble is a type of natural stone that is known for its translucent appearance and striking veining patterns. Some common applications of onyx marble:

Common applications of limestone in construction and design

Applications-of-Lime stone-Main-Post-Image

Limestone is a popular natural stone that has been used in construction and design for centuries. It is valued for its durability, versatility, aesthetic appeal