About iStone

iStone company (iStone) is one of the main direct miner and producer in the natural stone products  field with more  years  of  Supplying, Manufacturing, Producing,  Organizing, Exporting experiences.

Indeed, iStone company owns several stone mines and also stone factories. So iStone is the main  producer of stone products such as Marble, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, Crystal Marble, LimeStone, in the world class.

Furthermore, iStone processes all kinds of products in the form of Blocks, Slabs and Tiles in a wide range of finishing.




Our Vision

In fact, iStone is one of the most reliable brands and the first choice of business collaborates in the natural stone products, in the horizon of 2025. Additionally, for iStone, all goals are summed up in “Excellence”; excellence is the principle on which we move.


Our Mission

As catalyst of social transformation, we provide quality products that empower others to become agents of change and a constellation of Manufacturers, strong in financial power and technology innovation.

In addition, To be a leading miner and manufacturer company providing the best quality products, acting as a true agent of development. We diligently pursue the truth and knowledge inspired by our clients, values and guided by the well-trained professional staff on their respective field of activity.

Plus, we inspire others in carrying out responsibilities that requires professionalism, resourcefulness and flexibility to satisfy their ultimate desire cause. Moreover, as an institution of Trading, we assist in the formation of competent, creative and socially responsible leaders through our commitment to excellence in discovery, learning and service.


iStone Values

  • First, we follow a clean organizational culture.
  • Next, we follow the rules and ethical standards.
  • After that, we respect our customers, shareholders and employees.
  • Then, we are a corporate citizen with a responsibility to our community.
  • Finally, we consider meritocracy, organizational excellence and hard work as the core of our activities.


The main strategies of the company

  • Providing all requests and needs of customers so that their satisfaction is achieved at the highest level
  • Creating added value for shareholders by providing quality services and creating a global brand.


iStone Organizational Chart



iStone Team




BA of mining engineering


Phd of Strategic Management

Work Experience: 53 years


Hamid Reza Haji Hashemi

Manager of production factories

BA of mining engineering

Work Experience: 25 years

R.Rastegari-Profile -Picture

Management support

BA of Accounting


Work Experience: 7 years


Marketing & Sales

BA of mining engineering.

MA of Business Administration

Work Experience: 22 years


Manager of mining complexes

BA of Mining Engineering.

Work Experience: 41 years